3-Body Celestial Mechanics

I recently rediscovered an old WordPress post published in Spring 2015 regarding my final project in Computational Physics. My good friend Matteo and I completed the project over about a month and posted weekly updates to our class blog. All of our code is hosted on the site so you can still download the MatlabContinue reading “3-Body Celestial Mechanics”


As a culminating project in Digital Electronics, my partner in crime Liam and I built a multi-color Etch-A-Sketch game which was hosted on an FPGA board. The board connected with two rotary encoders used to control the cursor and a VGA monitor. The game was coded in VHDL and was completed at the end ofContinue reading “Etch-A-Sketch”

Subtractive Synthesizer

During this past winter, I along with two other Thayer students Graeme Gengras and Tyler Albarran, built a subtractive mixed analog/digital synthesizer as a final project for ENGS 32 (Intro to linear and digital circuits). A short demo of some of the functions we achieved can be seen┬áhere. The basic flowchart for our design isContinue reading “Subtractive Synthesizer”