At the start of my winter break nearly a month ago, I bundled a small assortment of my belongings in the car and began the long drive down to New Orleans alongside my good friend Liam. Together we worked closely with Matt at Nightshift to design and fabricate a working prototype electric bike over the spanContinue reading “R888”

3-Body Celestial Mechanics

I recently rediscovered an old WordPress post published in Spring 2015 regarding my final project in Computational Physics. My good friend Matteo and I completed the project over about a month and posted weekly updates to our class blog. All of our code is hosted on the site so you can still download the MatlabContinue reading “3-Body Celestial Mechanics”


As a culminating project in Digital Electronics, my partner in crime Liam and I built a multi-color Etch-A-Sketch game which was hosted on an FPGA board. The board connected with two rotary encoders used to control the cursor and a VGA monitor. The game was coded in VHDL and was completed at the end ofContinue reading “Etch-A-Sketch”

Hendelbars Mk. I

Finally coming around to putting up this post of my frame building project over the summer. Below I have dumped a ton of (lo-fi) process shots in roughly chronological order, and above are (hopefully) more professional looking shots of the finished product. This project was an immense undertaking with extremely high rewards. I could notContinue reading “Hendelbars Mk. I”

Tall Bike

After some inspiration from the kooky Zenga Bros, Liam Grace-Flood and I spent some of our free time towards the end of the term working on a fun funky tall bike. The basic idea is fairly straightforwards: stack two bike frames on top of each other, and merge the forks with one long steerer tube. I attempted toContinue reading “Tall Bike”

Subtractive Synthesizer

During this past winter, I along with two other Thayer students Graeme Gengras and Tyler Albarran, built a subtractive mixed analog/digital synthesizer as a final project for ENGS 32 (Intro to linear and digital circuits). A short demo of some of the functions we achieved can be seen here. The basic flowchart for our design isContinue reading “Subtractive Synthesizer”