Check out my instagram for an ongoing collection of creative endeavors.

Drawing 16W

Collection of work from my first studio art class in College. Mostly charcoal and ink.

DFR 2016

Dartmouth Formula Hybrid – Spent my first year with the team honing my welding skills and helping with mechanical integration.

Three Body Mechanics

An exploration of gravitational interaction between three celestial bodies in space.


A culminating digital electronics project: Design and host an Etch-A-Sketch game on an FPGA, written in VHDL.

15F Sculpture

A collection of work from my first sculpture course.

Hendelbars Mk 001

A bespoke TIG welded bicycle frame made summer of 2016

Tall Bike

A la Zenga Bros ~ two retro steel frames fused together to make something fun and new.

R888 Electric Motorcycle

I spent my winter break in 2016/17 putting a battery pack from a Nissan Leaf into an 1973 R75/7 BMW Airhead bike.

Subtractive Synthesizer

Built on a breadboard, this synth could output square, saw, and sinewaves, and utilized a 3 stage tuneable envelope to achieve unique sounds.