Tall Bike

After some inspiration from the kooky Zenga BrosLiam Grace-Flood and I spent some of our free time towards the end of the term working on a fun funky tall bike. The basic idea is fairly straightforwards: stack two bike frames on top of each other, and merge the forks with one long steerer tube. I attempted to improve slightly upon this design by creating a double fork rather than a single longer one. The longer design only utilizes two headset bearings, one at the very top and the other at the very bottom. By merging the two fork crowns and threaded steerers with an intermediate tube, we were able to use all four bearings and hopefully improve ease of steering. The only concern is that this may leave the front fork as the most vulnerable area to snapping, since a lot of force may be applied against such a small weld. I also think the new fork design ended up looking pretty sweet which was an added plus.




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