3-Body Celestial Mechanics

I recently rediscovered an old WordPress post published in Spring 2015 regarding my final project in Computational Physics. My good friend Matteo and I completed the project over about a month and posted weekly updates to our class blog. All of our code is hosted on the site so you can still download the Matlab files if you’d like to check them out yourself.





Published by nadavhendel

Born in Santa Cruz, CA, raised in Ithaca, NY. Currently studying Physics and Mathematics at Vassar College and Engineering at Dartmouth College. My interests include sculpture, digital music composition, bicycles, and sustainable design.

2 thoughts on “3-Body Celestial Mechanics

  1. Davi, i wanna leave a comment fir support, but not sure what to say. Almost made a joke about the post that suggested to play with yourself, but stopped myself


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