An image gallery of my trip from Portland to San Fransisco in August 2015. A beautiful time with beautiful people.

21_002211_0012 (2)10_0011 (2)13_0014 (2)11_00129_00102_0003 (2)3_0004 (2)5_0006 (2)Asset0008Asset00055_00061_0002 (2)Asset0015Asset0013Asset0023Asset00184_00057_0008 (2)19_0020 (2)20_0021 (2)15_0016 (2)Asset0030 (1)Asset0029 (1)25_0026 (2)IMG_20150816_185809529_HDRIMG_20150815_161007135IMG_20150816_183723832_HDRIMG_20150812_173601892IMG_20150812_173122673_HDRAsset0033Asset0040Asset0038Asset0028 (1)Asset0026Asset0014 (1)Asset0015 (1)Asset0016 (1)Asset0018 (1)Asset0017 (1)Asset0012 (1)Asset0010 (1)Asset0009 (1)IMG_20150812_173104515_HDRIMG_20150812_170607088_TOP27_002822_002318_0019IMG_20150828_133024300_TOPIMG_20150828_120518965_TOP

Published by nadavhendel

Born in Santa Cruz, CA, raised in Ithaca, NY. Currently studying Physics and Mathematics at Vassar College and Engineering at Dartmouth College. My interests include sculpture, digital music composition, bicycles, and sustainable design.

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